Personal Knowledge Management

Here is my Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) style it illustrates how I get information, process it, and what I do with it afterwards.

The process column refers to the manner in which I will perform the PKM stage, when I am seeking for example; I will read and observe.

The methods column refers to the type of filter that I am applying to that process. When I am sharing the process is participation, I do that via the method of making comment, whilst others may participate by publishing or creating.

The tools column refers to the tools I use to enact the process.

PKM Process Methods Tools
SEEK Read and observe
  • Judgement based –Network of experts
  • Mechanical – Heuristic and Algorithmic
  • My learning networks and communities of practice
  • Notification from services
  • Passive browsing
SENSE Reflect and review
  • Validation
  • Synthesis
  • Active searching
  • Reading supporting/opposing information
  • Conversations in person/online
SHARE Participate
  • Comment
  • My learning networks and communities of practice
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Email

While working through my PKM routine I found a useful introduction video by Harold Jarche, the author of the linked PKM routine blog. Video embedded below.


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