Identifying my learning area

For assignment one, in the learner portion, I’ve begun learning about blockchain technology. I have a personal interest in learning how to develop applications that use the blockchain; working on creating a continuing professional development (CPD) register/database/eportfolio.


However, I’m finding the terminology used in blockchain explanatory articles and podcasts are providing a barrier to learning. With the “Threshold concept framework” raised by Kligyte (2009) in mind I’m aware that I need to build my network literacy in order to get to the point where I can contribute. I don’t feel able to ask questions in my learning networks like Stack Overflow or Reddit yet as I haven’t passed the threshold of legitimacy. I’m dealing with this by considering my PKM routine and how I will apply it as a learner, as such I’ve actively chosen tools in the seek stage that I believe will immerse me in the vocabulary.

Seek tools

Turning to other learning networks I’m familiar with I’ve started a Reddit account (user: ED8117) and subscribed to blockchain/bitcoin/ethereum sub-reddits. Furthermore, I’ve subscribed to a blockchain podcast (Unchained), and blog (

Sense tools

I’ve identified a number of online courses, listed below, for the sense stage with the thought that the more formalised structured course will provide a good resource to review and reflect on the information I’ve garnered from my seek sources.

Potential courses:

Share tools

Finally, I believe my subscribed sub-reddits, my Twitter account, and the online blockchain course will be the best places for me to participate in the share stage. I believe as I move through the seek stage I will identify other sources of information and communities or practice or learning networks that will be beneficial in sense and share stages.

Within the course network I have found that Sam may be able to advise on the type of CPD library staff need to undertake as to provide me with context of use. Niki’s knowledge of repositories and metadata may be able to guide me on how to design the database. Finally, Lau’s knowledge of programming and UI design will be beneficial to bounce ideas off.


2 thoughts on “Identifying my learning area”

  1. HI Michell
    Great work here. Nice links and some reflective dialogue is evident. Careful with the term Network Literacy as in this blog I think it has a separate meaning to the one you used it for. There is definitely a new language but you might try to find out what type of literacy this is. I am happy to stand corrected. I think you have done a really good job on this so far.


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