We are a network

I read Keutah and Nikki’s posts recently defining the EDU class as (or not as) a group. In my opinion using Downes, S. (2007) definitions I think our class is a network.

However, I see elements of both. For example, Downes’ suggests that a group needs a leader and coordination, I think the online LMS course and seperate blog provides our coordination and Chris guides us in the web meetings. Further to this he suggests “a network thrives on diversity” (Downes, S. 2007) – looking at our class knowledge map there is diversity in our interests, however there are commonalities in our professional knowledge.

However, as for the argument for a network it is asserted that a network is an “association of entities or members where this association is facilitated or created by a set of connections between those entities” (Downes, S. 2007). I think one of these connections is the desire to study networked a global learning. We are studying it using a schema of our own making, “…that is to say each individual in a network operates independently” (Downes, S. 2007). Within our class have our own learning area for assignment 1 that interests us which we are exploring individually and then sharing the knowledge in a decentralised manner.


Downes, S. (2007). Groups vs Networks: The Class Struggle Continues. Retrieved 16 August, 2017, from http://www.downes.ca/post/42521

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