Boredom and creativity

I recently listened to a Ted talk which focused on boredom as an impetus for creativity and advocated for disengaging with technology, specifically social network apps, in hope of spurring deeper thought. The theory being that our online networks are a crutch that we use to entertain ourselves.

I have embedded the video at the bottom of this post , I thought it was interesting to consider in a couple of different contexts:

As a learner in assignment 1, I currently have notifications setup on my phone to alert me when new blog posts or podcasts appear on subscribed learning resources. Similarly new editions of subscribed e-newsletters come straight to my phone. I set these notifications up with the intention that it would keep me in touch with this new community and spur me to seek knowledge. Perhaps, instead of having the information pushed to me instantaneously I should have these tools on hand for when I decide to seek it. My receptiveness may be different between reading an article on my phone over lunch and sitting at my desk at my computer in the evening – with time and space to better make sense of it.

As a teacher in assignment 2 I am trying to craft a networked learning environment for learners, some of which are digitally-shy and others that are not autonomous learners. This video was a useful reminder that technology can be pervasive and that individuals need to be able to interact with it at different levels in which they are comfortable. There can not be a ‘one size fits all’ intervention, I don’t want to overwhelm my learners. Moreover, I want my learners to have space to digest the knowledge they are finding, sharing and creating.


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